Job Search Partner

You are pretty sure what job you want but could use some help landing it. 

This one month program consists of weekly 1:1 calls with me where we focus on what you need the most and could include:    

- Job search strategy
- Resume overhaul
- Cover letter review
- LinkedIn profile guidance
- Interview prep / coaching
- Email support between calls       

Resume Overhaul

A complete resume overhaul where I help you write a resume that sets you apart.

Resume &cover letter

Resume overhaul + I will help you write a concise and professional cover letter to help get you noticed.

Comlete Career Overhaul

You know you need to make a career change, but not sure what you want to do? Over the course of this 4 week program, we will assess your skills and interests, identify your dreams and goals and help you find a career you love.                 

- Skills assessment worksheet
- Set weekly accountability goals
- Weekly 1:1 calls with me
- Job search strategy
- Resume & cover letter writing
- Interview coaching
- Email support between calls

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Having a well-written LinkedIn profile is essential for today's job seeker. I will help polish your profile to make a great first impression .  

contact for pricing and a free 15 min consult


Life Coaching

1:1 coaching over the phone. Its kind of like therapy but less about the past and more about the future. Together, we find out what you want to achieve and what is blocking you from attaining it. 

Packages available or a la carte