As a career coach, I help my clients discover their path and stay focused on where they want to go. Whether you're transitioning into a whole new career or looking to grow within the current one, I offer guidance and feedback on how to get there. Together, we make a tangible plan and I guide you through the process. 

As a general life coach, I guide my clients to identify their true desires and give them the tools to make the choices that feel right for their lives. 

Gianna is an exemplary life coach. I was facing some significant life changes which I was having trouble accepting. She asked thought provoking questions, guided me through relaxation techniques, changed my negative vocabulary, and gently challenged me to follow an enlightened path. I credit her 100% for helping me find my true self, recognize my inner voice, and giving me the tools to manage stress. I am so grateful to Gianna.
— TD, Utah