"Gianna was extremely helpful in reviewing my resume and providing constructive ways to improve the prose and overall length of the document.  Up until our initial meeting, I had always 'winged' it and never considered working with a professional.  Gianna was brutally honest in her criticism of my CV (I definitely needed that).  I also spent some time with Gianna talking about job search strategies.  Her background in HR provided me with some new methods to seek roles at companies I am passionate about.  If you are feeling 'stuck' in the job search process, you should definitely seek assistance from Gianna.  Thank you!"  

-Mike F., SF Bay Area

“Gianna is an exemplary life coach. I was facing some significant life changes which I was having trouble accepting. She asked thought provoking questions, guided me through relaxation techniques, changed my negative vocabulary, and gently challenged me to follow an enlightened path. I credit her 100% for helping me find my true self, recognize my inner voice, and giving me the tools to manage stress. I am so grateful to Gianna.”

— TD, Utah

Gianna gave me access to new perspectives, tools and methods that I utilize every day.  She has helped me become more centered, focused, accountable and organized with my life.  Gianna’s calm, gentle presence provides a perfect platform for personal expression and growth.

-Britt, Los Angeles